Requirements for Habitat Housing

Approved applicants must:
  • Be a US citizen or permanent alien.
  • Be a resident of Henderson, Texas for at least eighteen months prior to the date of the application.
  • Live in verifiable substandard, unsafe or overcrowded circumstances.
  • Have an annual household income between the minimum and maximum amounts
Family Size    Yearly Income Levels
2 $13,992-32,648
3 $15,741-36,729
4 $17,490-40,810


  • Be willing and able to provide a minimum 300 hours of “sweat equity” with Habitat through the completion of your house.
  • Be willing and able to pay approximately $600 as a down payment which will be applied to the first year of homeowner’s insurance.
  • Attend and participate in workshops on home maintenance and household budgeting as provided by Habitat.
  • Have maintained continued employment for the prior twenty-four months and have held current job for the last six months.
  • Allow credit and criminal history reports as well as verification of reported income, employment and rental history.  Be free of foreclosure, repossession, and/or  bankruptcy within the past three years.  Be free of a felony conviction and not registered sex offender.
  • Be willing and able to maintain your Habitat house in a manner acceptable to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Submit a completed and signed Application for Habitat Housing no later than April 30.
 Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, TX, Inc. reserves the right to schedule the construction of houses according to the approved applicant of greatest need as determined solely by Habitat’s Board of Directors.  Fraudulent application information, unwillingness to partner with Habitat as defined by the sweat equity and down payment requirements, substantial changes in household income, family size or credit or criminal history prior to  the legal closing on a Habitat house may lead to the disqualification of a previously approved applicant by the Board of Directors.
Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, TX, Inc. is an equal opportunity, low-income affordable housing provider, complying with state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination based upon age, gender, national origin, race, religious persuasion or marital status.  Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, TX, Inc. also builds handicapped accessible housing as needed.

To apply for a house, please print out the document below and mail it to us at:
P. O. Box 1976
Henderson, TX 75653
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