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What is Habitat for Humanity?
  • An ecumenical, Christian faith-based world-wide housing ministry.
  • A non-profit, 501 C-3 organization of mostly volunteers who work to eliminate and replace substandard housing by building safe, basic and decent shelter in partnership with people at the lower end of the income scale.
  • An affordable housing provider for those who cannot acquire conventional home mortgage financing. Habitat improves neighborhoods and communities one house at a time.

About Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Texas
Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Texas is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope. Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Texas is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes; by advocating for fair and just housing policies; and by providing training and access to resources to help families improve their shelter conditions. Habitat for Humanity was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety and that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all.

All are welcome 

Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Texas has an open-door policy: All who believe that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live are welcome to help with the work, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people. In short, Habitat welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and also serves people in need of decent housing regardless of race or religion. As a matter of policy, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations do not proselytize. This means that Habitat will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must either adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith.

The History of Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Texas

Begun in 1995, Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Texas was formed when a group of interested citizens-all members of the First United Methodist Church-came together to find ways to help people in the community who needed decent housing. Bill Preston, Jon Johnston, Terry Decker, Michael Cole and Malinda Norman were these founding members and several are still active in Habitat of Henderson today.

After the group attained 501 C-3 status, it become part of Habitat for Humanity in February of 1996. Since that time, 19 homes have been built, with each homeowner providing many hours of sweat equity by working alongside volunteers.

Habitat of Henderson, Texas continues to offer an opportunity to households who have no other hope of home ownership. Habitat is not a government agency. We do receive United Way funds and home construction is further funded by the voluntary contributions of community citizens, churches, business groups and civic organizations. Although parts of each home are constructed by professionals, the vast majority is done through volunteer labor on weekends. Homeowners provide sweat equity by working alongside these volunteers.

Contributions to Habitat are tax deductible and help the effort to provide a hand up – not a hand out – to God’s people in need. Donations to Habitat for Humanity of Henderson may be sent to P. O. Box 1976, Henderson, TX 75653.

Our Board Members

Jon Johnston-President
Shannon Coats-Vice President
Louise Mobbs-Secretary
Emmie Kubik-Treasurer

Other Board Members

Bill Preston
James Creer
Cyndi Walker
Jimmie Jones
Peggy McAlister
Lois Jones
Jarrod Finley
Shannon Coats
Gicela Alejandro

If you are Interested in Becoming a Board Member, Please Use The Contact Us Page of This Website To Let Us Know Of Your Interest

How to Apply To Be A Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Homeowner

Please visit our Homeownership Page to learn about becoming a homeowner
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